“The communication skills Claudia provides are invaluable and far-reaching. Not only will you become a better public speaker, you will develop better communicating skills in internal meetings and one-on-one meetings. After one session with Claudia, I brought her back in to train our entire management team. The effects were immediate and profound and continue to be of enormous benefit to our company.

Andrew W., filmmaker and producer

“The time and dedication Claudia puts into every single coaching is truly outstanding, and I always leave each session knowing that productive, careful work has been done. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to prepare for an upcoming audition or explore new pieces. She is the best, I cannot stress that enough."

Elaine D., actor and singer

“What marks Claudia as a teacher and coach is her ability to dig into the mechanics of a text. But what truly makes Claudia stand apart from other teachers I have had is her ferocious artistic passion. This is not a teacher who sits back in her chair, but one who leaps into the work with you, bringing a specificity of insight, intuitive ability, and demand for excellence that are infectious and illuminating. "

Ali. B, actor